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Welcome to The Gate Plaza

The gate is one of the largest business plaza in Sheikh Zayed city its integration between administrative commercial and retail spaces with 12,900 Sq.m. total land area. We built The Gate Plaza to be a world class
administrative offices, that includes commercial and service areas such as sports centres, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, clinic offices, beauty salon, dry cleaning as well as 1000 underground parking spaces

Commercial Area

Safety and comfort is of utmost importance at The Gate Plaza . Well thought out infrastructure and professional property management services ensure environment is not only maintained and cleaned at all times , but also developed and enhanced to provide the necessary conditions for a unique community lifestyle to settle.

The Commercial area with its 4900 sq. m. of commercial space is an attractive destination with great development potential. It is designed for attendance of the individuals that work at The Gate Plaza. The distribution of the buildings is simplified and functional.

The commercial area is a unique addition to the complex, aiming to provide an optimal combination of services – offices and commercial areas, including sports centre, restaurants and cafes, supermarket, clinic office ,beauty salon , dry cleaning , as well as 1000 underground parking spaces.


As we believe that every minute is valuable, we at The Gate Plaza designed 2 drive thru for customer’s greater convenience, responding with drive-thru service, carryout and other features meant to get our clients in and out as quickly as possible. We believe that Customers say every minute matter they’ll do whatever they can to avoid walking into a restaurant or waiting in a line..

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